"The best experience I've ever had with a roofing contractor."

I contacted Jason because of his superior ratings with Angie’s List.  He is the real deal.  Evans QUALITY Roofing is the best experience I ever had with a roofing contractor.  He’s a very busy young man and my job was small.  It took a while for him to schedule my work but the job he did was Top notch and better than I could have expected.  Jason is a superior worker and takes his reputation seriously. I would be very happy to have him do more work for me and I would quickly recommend him to any of my friends. The work he did on my small Flat Roofing job was excellent and I would love to have him back to do my entire slant roof.
— Lawerence - Lancaster, PA

"We were very satisfied...from start to finish."

Jason was absolutely wonderful to work with even before he showed up at our door. He is very prompt with his emails and phone calls and always answered all of my questions very accurately. He did a very thorough inspection of our old roof prior to giving us an estimate for replacing it and he also gave us a brochure with the different types and colors of shingles to choose from with a sample of each so we never had to leave our house to pick one.

Each day on the job Jason and his crew showed up promptly and worked diligently from the time they pulled up in our driveway until the sun went down and always cleaned up very well every day. They worked quickly and did a great job. They cleaned everything up so well that you’d never had known they were even there!

Jason was spot on with his estimate, which we thought was a very fair price and we were very satisfied with the entire experience from start to finish. We really enjoyed working with Jason, we think he did an excellent job, and our roof looks fantastic! We would highly recommend Evans Quality Roofing to everyone who needs a roof replaced or repaired!
— Summer - Gaithersburg, MD

"Call this company first."

I had a leaky roof that was nearly 20 years old in a house that we’d only just moved into. The owner showed up to do the estimate, and was completely honest with me in saying that I didn’t need a new roof, just a few repairs instead.  Our roof is a very complex set of different heights and dormers, and these all add up to a very expensive roofing job.  So he could have sold me a whole new roof costing thousands, because I was already “sold” on the fact that I needed one due to the leaks that we were experiencing and the fact that the house was almost 20 years old. On top of that, most contractors will just raise their price whenever they enter our development because many of the houses are very big, very nice, and well-maintained - they get the impression that we are “rich” and can afford the extra costs.  I usually have to get at least 3 bids before I find someone who’s within something I would call reasonable.  And I don’t mind paying extra money for work that’s well done and a company that stands behind it.

I am writing this review over two years after he did the work, and my roof is still in great shape, with no leaks since he did his magic on it.

The owner is a hard-working, competent and honest businessman. I can’t recommend this company enough.  If you are in my area and need a roof or need service on a roof, you need to call this company first.  Regardless of price, finding an honest contractor is very very difficult any more.
— Ren - Lancaster, PA

"They did a superb job."

Jason stated he’d begin the project at 7 AM on June 29th and at exactly 7 AM our doorbell rang. His crew joined him shortly thereafter and immediately went to work. Every member of the crew (approximately 8 workers) were diligent and maintained a high level of professionalism throughout. They labored well beyond what would be considered a normal quitting time. As a result, the entire project was completed well in advance of the estimated completion date. This was especially important to us as we’d been experiencing significant leaking preceding the repairs made by Evans Roofing.

The clean-up was among the best, if not, the best we’d experienced with several different vendors over the years. The key was the fact that they made a concerted effort to clean-up behind themselves as the project progressed. At the job’s end, there was not an entire day’s accumulation of scrap and other materials to contend with. The number of errant pieces of shingles, nails and bits of metal that I found in the entire area around the house fit in the palm of one of my hands.

They did a superb job. This is something I value in a contractor as it demonstrates their respect for the property and their desire to leave it as they found it after professionally completing their work.
— Judy - Harrisburg, PA

"We've found our roofer."

Evans Quality Roofing was the first roofer I called to receive estimates.  Jason Evans arrived on time and was very professional.  He gave us the price before he left, and although I was impressed, I wanted to obtain other bids as it had been a while since I had a new roof installed in this locality.

We had four other roofers come to bid on the job. Two were very professional with nice references and prices competitive with Evans, but only Evans Quality Roofing had such a long and impressive list of satisfied clients.  It was not a difficult decision - I contacted Jason and he promptly emailed his insurance certificate.

On the install day, Jason showed up with his crew and immediately went to work.  While his crew used heavy duty tarps to cover our plants close to the house, Jason personally arranged 4X4s on our driveway and guided the dumpster driver so that we would have minimal damage to our new driveway. (While on the subject of damages, this house has a large and very steep roof and I told my wife in advance that unavoidably, some plants would be crushed or the dumpster could leave marks on our new driveway.  Neither happened – we did not sustain any damages whatsoever).  The crew worked steadily under Jason’s close supervision and the roof is beautiful.

Later in the day when the job was completed, I noticed that one of the vent pipes at the back of the house did not appear to be perfectly parallel to the other and notified Jason that evening.  I lamented that I wished I had thought to ask for black pipe collars but that was my mistake and no problem at all.   Jason was here the next day straightening the pipe to our satisfaction and even painted the pipe collars black.  As if I wasn’t already impressed with this young man, he had still not accepted our final payment and explained that he wanted to be sure we were completely satisfied before doing so. The job was absolutely perfect and clean-up was such that it was as though they were never here.  For future roofing needs in this area I will not be obtaining other bids – we’ve found our roofer.
— Tim & Debbie - Red Lion, PA

"They do the job right the first time with guarantees!!!"

Jason called the beginning of week and stated he would come Wednesday late morning to repair our leak around the chimney. Jason came by Wednesday morning at 11 AM as he stated a couple days earlier. He grabbed his ladder and other work tools/equipment an commenced working non-stop until he completed repairing our chimney leak. Jason was very courteous and professional, he took pictures of his repair service ( new flashing and shingle replacements ) we observed Jason’s work once completed, very professional and top notch repair, just in time before 20 inches of snow fell the next day.

Jason’s repairs proved to be what he had told us was very accurate. Jason’s work was professional, guaranteed for one year.

We had previously hired another contractor to fix the leak, but his so-called repairs did not stop our chimney from leaking. When we called to inform him of the problem, he informed us that trying to repair a chimney leak was like patching a tire. He gave no guarantees. He only offered to come back and try to repair our leak he supposedly fixed the first time for another fee!!!

I came across Jason Evans Roofing per Angie’s List. I wish I had Angie’s List ten months ago. It would have saved us $400 the other contractor charged us.

I would recommend Evans Roofing to anyone interested in professional service. They do it right the 1st time (no more leaking around chimney, thank you Jason ) and they guarantee their work. The provide very reliable customer service at a very affordable price - $375. It took Jason about two hours non-stop professional work to put an end to our leaking chimney. Thank you Jason. And when it comes to replacing our entire roof, you can bet I will be calling Evans Quality Roofing because they do the job right the first time with guarantees!!!
— The Cook Family - Dover PA

"Outstanding service."

Outstanding service. Jason came as scheduled for the estimate, gave me the lowest one of 4 I received. I engaged him to do the work. He called to let me know when materials etc would arrive and when he would start. Everything was as promised and very professional. I would readily call him again, should I need service.
— Jim - Sykesville, MD

A very easy, positive experience. 

From the first phone conversation, I liked Jason(Evans) ..Pleasant, professional, knowledgeable. He has a spotless reputation and was booked for 2 months. Closer to time we had scheduled, he emailed and said I needed to pick out shingle color, and pay deposit. Estimate for work to be done was right on, at 2 days.....I was home the second day. I asked a lot of questions, and Jason answered them all.

Overall a very easy, positive experience with Evan’s Quality Roofing. Thank you Angie’s List and Jason Evans. Oh, and Jason, I liked the thank you card and gift card, too.
— Jackie - Windsor, PA

"Jason and his crew were GREAT!"

Jason Evans called me back the evening I called him. We played phone tag 2 or 3 times but we finally set up a time for him to come give an estimate. He came the day and time agreed upon. Two days later I received the estimate e-mail and it was great. The others I received where ridiculous, one was almost 3 times as much. He warned me when I talked to him originally that he was very busy at the time and it would at least be into the following month before he could get to it.

That was fine as I was in no hurry—we had no leaks, but I knew we had problems that would become leaks and the current roof was 20 years old. With the wet rainy early summer, it turned out Jason was about 3 weeks behind in his time estimate. He e-mailed me they would begin on 8/15. This was a problem for us. We had a baby due on the 19th and the doctors were expecting him earlier.

I asked him if there was anyway he I get it done before then. He said he didn’t think so, his schedule was pretty tight, but he would check and get back to me.

I kept my fingers crossed. I have no idea how he did it but he changed it to 8/5.

We were ever so grateful to him and his crew and also to whoever his client was that switched their time for us. It rained on the 5th, but his crew came on the 6th which was a Friday and finished on the 7th. The crew was efficient and nice.

They did a great job, especially having to work around a pond right behind the house. They didn’t let stuff drop in the pond and they cleaned up the yard extremely well.

Jason and his crew were GREAT!
— Kerry - Glen Burnie, MD

"Professional, courteous and helpful."

During one of the early summer rainstorms, shingles blew off of my old roof and created a leak which caused part of the ceiling of our upstairs bedroom to collapse.  After talking to my insurance company, I called Evans Quality Roofing to get an estimate on repair and on a possible total roof replacement.

Jason returned my call quickly and scheduled an appointment to come out and look at the roof the next day.  Jason was professional, courteous and helpful as I explained the situation.  

Once up on the roof, Jason pinpointed the leak and without my asking quickly patched it up to prevent any more leaking while I worked with my insurance company to come up with a plan for the roof.

Jason’s estimate was the lowest of two that I received for the job, but for me, price was secondary. More importantly, Jason represented himself so much better than the other company as well.

Ultimately, we decided to just replace the roof since its so old and Jason had found many more shingles missing as he was inspecting and measuring for the estimate. We live in a duplex and our neighbors decided to replace their roof at the same time. Jason scheduled a time to replace the roof and his crew arrived at the stated time and completed the job in one day.  They worked straight thru a small rain shower and completed the job in a satisfactory manner. They cleaned up well, using a magnet to go around all areas of our lawn to pick up any loose nails. Afterward I looked hard and found none!

Overall, I would recommend Jason in  a heartbeat to anyone else and have already done so to my friends.  I”m so glad that I joined Angie’s List and found Jason. Don’t hesitate to call him!
— Ned - York PA

"Finally, I have confidence that my roof is in good shape."

Jason kept in contact with us and negotiated the price since there were some complicating issues with another company.  He and his team showed up at 7:30 on the morning of Oct 13 and worked most of the day.

They returned at 7:30 the following morning and stayed until all the work and clean up was completed.  He and his team worked really hard to finish up, because today, Oct. 15th, it is pouring down rain, which was forecast.

Jason was here for all the work.  This is my 4th roof and he is the only owner of a company who stayed on the job.  Finally, I believe that a good job was done.  Because we have had on-going roof problems, my husband climbed up on the roof often to check on the work.  All the workers, including Jason, were quite tolerant of his presence.

This company also did the most thorough clean-up when the job was finished.  They cleaned the debris out of the gutters, rolled a magnet through the yard to pick up errant nails, and threw away all the trash. They were even careful of my plants. Finally, I have confidence that my roof is in good shape.
— Judith - Gardners, PA

"I can't praise Jason Evans highly enough."

I shopped around a lot for a roofer for a much-needed replacement of the leaking roof on my 1950 single-family home. I can’t praise Jason Evans highly enough. His name is on the side of the truck and when you meet him, it’s clear that he takes his business and reputation seriously (unlike some of the roofers I got bids from).

His price, which was the lowest bid, reflected that he was a straightforward businessman. Jason was completely upfront about what the job needed, even when there were additional fees due to some unforeseen work once the shingles were off (which he accurately ballparked in terms of likely added cost).

Importantly, Jason excelled as a project manager - he gave good recommendations about the choices I should make; he ran the job like clockwork and kept me well informed of the schedule. The crew did a thorough job at cleanup, and any bumps in the road were immediately, honestly and directly addressed. As a result, the job went quickly, which minimized my inconvenience. He even brought in extra crew to complete the job a day early in advance of a predicted snowstorm.

The roof got an immediate baptism the following day with what turned out to be a massive thunderstorm. Six months later, I’m still satisfied. I give Evans my highest recommendation based on my experience with his company and the quality of its work. He has earned a sterling reputation.
— Ian - Parkville, MD

"Mr. Evans takes great pride in his work."

All of the positive comments you will read about, or hear about, Mr. Evans and his business are absolutely TRUE.  

We started looking for a roofing contractor in April 2013.  My husband contacted Mr. Evans, along with several other local contractors.  He called Evans Quality Roofing, Inc. based on the positive feedback received on Angie’s List.

This was our first experience with Angie’s List.  We were first impressed with Jason’s quick response.  He was the first to come to our home and give an estimate and he’s not located in our immediate area.  We had to call some of our local contractors more than once, and some never even returned our call.  

Jason’s estimate was significantly below any of the other estimates we received.  I will admit, I was skeptical.  I left the decision to my husband as I know nothing about roofs, and I figured if it didn’t work out, I could then blame him down the road (just kidding).  

My husband said he had a gut feeling about Jason and asked that he do the work.  Since we were not having any issues with our existing roof other than age, we left the start time of the project up to Jason.  While we waited, he kept us updated periodically of where we were on his list.  He gave us 2 weeks notice before he was to begin work.  

The supplies were delivered on Thursday, 8/1/2013 to start on Monday, 8/5/2013.  Over that weekend, our neighbor’s son came to talk to my husband about the materials Jason chose for our project.  He happened to work for the shingle manufacturing company.  He was impressed with his choice, and assured us that we would be more than happy with the product.  

Jason’s crew arrived early on Monday as promised to tear of the old shingles. They began work immediately despite a delay with the dumpster (Jason had to use an unfamiliar waste company since he is not from our area).  His crew was courteous and very neat.  Jason then began installation on the new roof that same day.  He worked alone, and completed the entire job by late morning on Wednesday, 8/7/2013.  

It was obvious to us that Mr. Evans takes great pride in his work.  He is well spoken, willing to answer any questions, courteous, clean, and has an eye for detail.... Not to mention fast!  

The fact that he had a lower estimate than everyone else was just a bonus.  We feel like we ripped him off! Thank you so much, Jason. Our new roof is beautiful!
— Chris - Schuylkill Haven, PA

"We simply could not be more pleased."

We decided to try Jason after reading other positive reviews on Angie’s List, and receiving three other estimates.  I’m sure glad we did!! We simply could not be more pleased with the overall workmanship, product, and price.  

Jason is extremely competitive in price, and I can’t imagine how the workmanship could be any better. Jason provided an estimate very quickly, completed all work exactly in the time frame and manner in which he stated, and kindly answered my many questions before and after the installation (I’m picky and curious!).  He willingly shared product names and literature for all materials used, and cheerfully substituted a different type of roof vent that I had requested - not because his products are inferior, but because I had a personal preference.  He was neat and tidy during the installation, and took extra time time at the end of the job to use a magnet wheel around the perimeter of the house as a precaution to collect any nails  that might have fallen into the lawn or gardens - nice touch!

Also  impressive was Jason’s business etiquette. He is extremely professional, polite, prompt, and very articulate in all communications. Jason’s business card says it all: “A  Roofer You Can Trust”.
— Joseph - Bainbridge, PA